About Hillary C. DeParde Photography

Hillary Cohen DeParde was introduced to the art of photography by her grandfather when she was seven years old, spooling her first roll of film in a dark closet while he coached her from the other side of the door. Now, after twenty years of professional photography experience, she continues to use her grandfather’s old safe light and Kodak timers from the 30s vestiges of her familial connection to the art of photography. Hillary has developed a mastery of manual cameras and darkroom printing, specializing in film photography to create portraits that capture the individuality of each client.

She centers her work around portraits of children and teens, either in studio or outdoors, creating meaningful contexts that reflect the personality and interests of each subject. Hillary has a naturally engaging approach, easily connecting with clients and creating relaxed environments that enhance the authenticity and artistry of her final product. Dedication to craft, attention to process and rapport with clients result in classic and timeless portraits that have become a signature of her work.